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You are a man and would like to take your cardiovascular fitness and general body shape to another level? Exercises are important to any man who aspires to build his body.

Fight Cardiovascular Disease.

It is also crucial to any man who wants to burn the extra calories as well as become fit. Cardiovascular fitness is necessary to anyone, and it usually helps prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

It is also of great essence to take into account that developing a good and detailed workout routine will help in ensuring that every part of your body is engaged to avoid muscle imbalances which can lead to dynamic and static posture problems.

In this article, we will try to show you the best workouts for men and also try to outline components of a good workout guide. This workout guide will include cardio exercises that will ensure that your cardiovascular strength is maintained.

Maintain Regular Exercise.

The kind of workout routine that should be developed is one that is dynamic. This workout routine should be designed in a way that cardio exercises can be done at least three times in a week. It is also vital to ensure that the workout routine is also comprehensive, incorporating total body workouts.15397-a-healthy-young-man-running-on-a-treadmill-in-a-gym-pv

Cardio exercises are important to men to ensure that oxygen is well supplied to all muscles in the body. This is necessary to anyone who tries to keep fit and would like to boost their immunity. It is also ideal to note that such exercises will also have a positive impact on one’s mood and attitude. Therefore, it is no doubt that such a person will experience a productive day each morning you engage in such exercises.

Avoid Overworking Your Body.

To ensure that you do not strain yourself so much or you do not want to overwork your body at once, you should slowly introduce your body to the state of exercise slowly with increasing pace with each passing minute. This is meant to be like your warm up. This is done up to the point that you feel you have reached the desired effort level. Then this is the point at which you switch to the main sets.

It is important when you start that you take care not to overwork yourself and assess at regular intervals to find a comfortable level.  For instance, at a level of about 60%, you should be breathing steadily and be happy to speak without too much effort.  When you work up to about 80% effort breathing should be a little more difficult and speaking will not come so easy either.


Even after taking into account all of the outlined factors it is necessary to ensure that you ensure consistency in your workout routine. Consistency in your routine will ensure that you attain the desired goals. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you fight that voice in your head that keeps telling you to put off your scheduled exercise activity for the day.

It is notable that you ensure that towards the end of your exercise you engage in cooling down exercises. It is not advisable to bring your exercises to an abrupt stop. You just have to direct your body out of the state of exercise.  This is a very important part of the exercise and should not be avoided.

Your workout guide should be able to include every muscle of the body. Certain exercises should not be overemphasized to avoid overworking these muscles which may lead to muscle imbalances. The exercises should be well distributed across the total body workout. Comprehensiveness of these body workouts is the most crucial aspect of the workout guide.

Using Cardio Machines At Home.

Cardio machines are a great tool and addition to your exercise plan especially if you work long hours and don’t want to go out at night or in the winter months when it can be just too cold to venture out. 61WjnHZffEL._SL1100_

Cardio machines come in many forms, from treadmills to elliptical machines and many more besides, depending on whether you are looking for high impact or low impact and even work as you train. All these types of machines can be purchased very easily online from places such as Amazon.

Setting An Exercise Plan.

A basic skeleton of how comprehensive workout routines for men should look entails various activities on different days, for example on Monday, one should choose three exercises that work on quads, 3 exercises that target the hamstrings and one involving the calves. On Wednesday, you should choose 3 that target the back and two to three that aim the biceps.

Then on Friday, you should choose 3 or 4 of which that focus on the chest and 2 to 3 targeting the triceps. On Saturday, you will choose 3 to 4 exercises that target your shoulders.

Many people choose to do their cardio exercise in the morning before breakfast and many like to eat first.  Then again you might like to do your exercise routine in the evening after work or mid afternoon during your lunch break.  There is no hard and fast rule about this and you will find what works best for you. 

Good Nutrition Is Essential.

One word of warning, even though many of us are exercising to lose weight, your body needs fuel to do these exercises in the first place and you may even find that your calorie intake may actually increase if your exercise regime increases so I personally always try and eat something nutritious before I start my exercises to keep my energy levels up.

16694-healthy-food-on-a-white-plate-pvYou can also engage in an at home cardio exercise that which will not require you to go to the gym. The cardio exercise workout guide for such exercises will include warm-ups, main sets and cool downs.

Warming Up.

Reverse Lunges is an important warm up. In this case, you take a step backward using your left foot. Then your feet should be lowered and your knees bent into a lunge, and your right knee needs to be above your ankle. At this instance you should return to stand by driving off the ball of the right big toe.

Repeat the whole process, this time using your right leg to step back and all this will represent one rep. You should do 10 reps and at all times your chest should be up the whole period.

Doing some squats with your hands overhead will do some good to you. This will act as warm up. In this case, stand with your feet at a hip-width distance apart and your arms should be up whereas your palms facing each other.

You should have your knees bent and your hips shifted backwards as if you are sitting. You should do this and each time moving your shoulder blades down and up and your gluteus should be used to return to the standing posture. Repeat all this ten times.

Plank with Shoulder touches is another warm up that is important. In this case, you should come into a straight arm plank position and have your hands placed directly below your shoulders and as a result forming a straight line from the feet to the neck.

While at this position take your left hand and touch your right shoulder and then take your right hand and touch your left shoulder. You should repeat this 10 times.

Take It Up A Level.

One of the main sets that you will engage in include the mountain climbers, in this case, you be in a straight plank position and have your hands under your shoulders and the body form a straight line between the neck and ankles.

You should lift your right leg and carry it to the center of the body and similarly you should employ the left leg. The change in the legs should be done in quick succession. You should do this as many times in one minute as possible.

Squat jumps are also important in the main sets of cardio exercises. In this case, you should stand with your feet at hip-with distance apart. You should push your hip backwards and then bend your knees to a position such that you squat. Then jump as high as possible and ensure to land softly and quickly squat again.

Do this in a manner indicating that you are trying to push the floor away from you. Your arms can be of help in trying to push as high as you can. You can do as many such jumps as possible.

Always Cool Down.

After such main sets it is important to do cool downs. Such a cool down include Warrior 11.  In this case, you will stand on your feet at a distance wider than your hip-width.

Your left toes should be inwardly turned and your right toes should be turned outwardly. You should then have your hips lowered down whereas your right knee bent. You should then have your arms extended straight out, away from your shoulders. Take as many deep breaths as possible.

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