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Lifespan Treadmills.

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Lifespan treadmills are produced by a treadmill company based in Utah. The company is known to produce high-quality treadmills with some even winning awards. LifeSpan treadmills are a favorite among people for various reasons.

They can be folded and this saves on storage space. These foldable treadmills relieve the user of having to do some heavy lifting, and they can support themselves.

Also, these treadmills are fully assembled when they come.

They have user-friendly buttons and programs. Users can see their progress through their LifeSpan Fitness accounts.

The i-series treadmills have high-quality audio systems and iPod ports.

The LifeSpan treadmills are the best treadmills for home use due to the increased number of safety features.

The customer support is fast when addressing client issues.

The treadmills are affordably priced and some stores have discounts for LifeSpan treadmills. Depending on the model, the treadmills are available at a reasonable price range.

The treadmills also have generous warranties that include lifetime warranties on the frame and motor.

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There are different treadmills available in the Life Span i-series. These include the following:


The LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR1200i is affordable and well-built. The treadmill is ideal for starters and home use. The Treadmill has the following features.

·         The treadmill has 17 programs that are pre-set, two heart rate programs and enough room for two user-designed programs that ensure the customer has variety when it comes to workouts. Users with Life Span memberships can download other programs from the website.

·         There are 15 incline levels to choose from and three intensity levels from the preset programs.

·         The belt is 20” by 56” and is durable.  It moves along wide rollers and is ideal for walking and jogging strides. The belt also has a cushioned deck and is supported by shock absorbers.

·         The motor is 2.5 CHP that is powerful and can withstand long jogs. The motor does not stutter during speed changes and is more durable than other brands.

·         For a simple treadmill, it goes for speeds of up to 11mph.

·         The treadmill saves workout data, and the user can access it when they go online. The data will enable them to get Lifespan TR1200icustomized workout routines as well as view their progress.

·         There are high-quality speakers and an iPod port as well as headphone jack to make the user enjoy their exercise process.

·         There are buttons on the handlebars that can be used to adjust the intensity of the workout and activate the heart monitor.

·         The treadmill supports runners who are up to 300 pounds. The TR1200i is also a foldable treadmill and occupies 39” by 33” floor space when folded.

·         There is a generous warranty on the treadmill that comprises of a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, one year on labor and three on parts.

However, this treadmill has some minor setbacks.

·         It does not have a fan and trainees can tend to overheat when working out.

·         The tracking service is only available for the first four months. After this, the user has to subscribe to continue the service.

·         The treadmill is also not suited for tall runners or those over the maximum weight capacity.

The treadmill is ideal for home use and joggers and walkers. Professional runners should look at other treadmills in the series.



Life Span TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill

Life Span is known for providing innovative fitness equipment. The line of electronic folding treadmills does not lower the standards of quality of the treadmills. The electric folding treadmill comes with free club membership, and users can access programs and save their workout data.

The treadmill has the following details.

·         The treadmill has a large LCD screen designed with buttons to adjust the incline and change the speed. The audio compartment comprises an audio jack and mp3 players and two speakers.

·         The treadmill is foldable with the touch of a button. The folding is completely electronic, and no lifting is required. The treadmill has a power lift system and transport wheels that makes the folding easier.

·         There are a built-in data system and free applications that can be installed. While working out, the data can be stored and Lifespan TR2000euploaded to the Life Span. You can also download applications that are compatible with Apple and Android. The workout results can be synced to the device.

·         You can build your workout program using the Club account. The treadmill also has 17 inbuilt programs upon purchase of the treadmill.

·         The treadmill has Intelli Step that automatically counts your steps. The steps can be synced to your club account using the data port or the free app.

·         The treadmill has a heart control program system that will automatically adjust the incline and decline so you can keep your heart rate at constant levels while working out. There is a chest strap receiver that contacts the heart rate sensors that will record and store data.

·         The treadmill is compact and durable with tracking options. The club membership makes the price very affordable.

·         There is a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the treadmill. There is also a five-year guarantee and one year on labor

There are some features that trainees don’t like on the treadmill. These includes the following:

·         The running area is small for runners with long legs.

·         There is no fan, and this could make it uncomfortable for runners since they could overheat while running.

The treadmill is ideal for those who want to have a compact treadmill. The treadmill is long lasting and users have a lifetime club membership. The treadmill provides users with the opportunity to sync their devices and add them as part of the console. There are different work programs that are suited for different people.



LifeSpanTR4000i treadmill

The treadmill is foldable and very affordable. It has the following features:

·         The treadmill has 21 workout programs. The programs are grouped into fitness goal groups according to weight loss, cardio, sports training and healthy living. There are programs that make controlling the programs easy. Workout data is stored and displayed on an LCD screen. Exercise data can be synced into popular apps and saved to the lifespan fitness club website.

·         The preset workouts can be set according to the different challenge levels for added intensity.

·         There is an optional Bluetooth receiver that can be used to upload workout programs after each treadmill.

·         The treadmill has an iPod jack and mp3 player and a good sound system.

·         It has a compartment for docking the tablet to make it easier to view workout programs.Lifespan TR4000i

·         There is a charging port that can be used to charge mobile devices.

·         There is a motorized ramp that will support an inclination of up to 15 incline angles.

·         There is a thick, extra track for longevity and extra cushioning. There are also shock absorbers, and the 60” track is one of the longest in the series. It accommodates runners of different heights.

·         The body of the treadmill is made of steel, and there are aluminum handlebars. The treadmill weighs 226 pounds.

·         There is a 3.5 CPH motor.

·         The speed goes from 0.5 to 12 mph.

·         The weight capacity is 350 pounds.

·         The deck has shock absorbers that minimize the risk of getting injured.

·         The treadmill uses a hydraulic shock that makes it easy to fold for storage. The step on height is 8”.

·         The treadmill has EN957 and UL certified safety certification. There is a safety feature that pauses the track after 20 seconds. The feature is called intelliguard.

·          Clients get a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, five years on parts and two years on labor.

The treadmill occupies a lot of space when open although it can be folded to occupy less space that is the only complaint from clients.

The treadmill will satisfy any walker and runner. It has shock absorbers, and the work support is plentiful. There are entertainment options available to ensure the runner gets motivated while working out. The treadmill is the best valued with the specs provided. The power incline helps intensify the workout process of the trainee.



LifeSpanTR3000i treadmill

A treadmill is a machine engineered to assist people in all fitness levels. It can be used for weight loss or professional training or cardio workouts.

The TR3000i has the following features:

·         LifeSpan treadmills have high-end programs. The treadmill groups fitness goals that include weight loss routines, healthy living programs, heart rate control and seven sports training programs. There are 19 inbuilt programs and the customer can save two user-designed programs. Users can download personalized videos for free.

·         You can get an enjoyable session by listening to your music.

·          The ramp has 15 incline levels provided by a motorized ramp. Trainees can choose and adjust the levels from three intensity levels for preset workouts.

·         The treadmill has a good track of high-quality for the price range. The belt is two ply, and there are 2.5-inch rollers for Lifespan TR3000ilongevity. There are also shock absorbers that minimize pressure while running. The belt size is 20” by 56” that is convenient for walkers and runners.

·         The treadmill has a powerful 2.75 CHP motor that is a commercial grade motor. The motor has a lifetime warranty and runs quietly.

·         The treadmill has top speeds of up to 12 mph. the low speeds are five mph that is nice for workouts and walking.

·         The treadmill has a high weight capacity of 350 pounds.

·         The treadmill can be folded to save on space. The treadmill has an EZ Drop system for folding and takes very little space when folded.

·         There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, five years for the part and one for the labor.

However, there are some features that customers have a problem with.

·         There is no fan on the treadmill that makes it uncomfortable for trainees who will overheat when working out.

·         The fitness programs are also not completely free. After some time, clients will have to subscribe to the lifespan fitness club that will cost them extra.

The lifespan treadmill is ideal for home use. However, it cannot be used by people with long legs due to the small belt. It is also quiet, and the motor is a powerful though commercial range. The incline makes it good for those who want to lose weight as they burn more calories on the inclines. The audio enhancements ensure you enjoy listening to music that lengthens the endurance of the client.




Lifespan treadmills are built using high-quality parts that ensure the client is comfortable with the product. The treadmills are suitable for most average sized adults. They have numerous workout programs, and the client can subscribe to the Lifespan fitness club and have access to more programs. Trainees who are heavier and have longer feet can get the 4000i treadmill that has a longer belt. The shock absorbers ensure users are protected from injury.

The best treadmill to use at home and for professional training is the 4000i that has a higher capacity and longer belt. It also has added security features that will ensure injuries are avoided. Even with the pricing, it has more programs compared to the other treadmills and the client will get to enjoy streaming videos and watching them on the tablet that can be placed in the tablet compartment.

However, the treadmills produced by lifespan have a better warranty that similar ones in the market. The lifespan fitness club subscription is also helpful to clients who will have personalized workout routines made for them as well as monitor the progress they are making in their exercise. Even with the subscription payment after a few months, clients can agree that it is a worthwhile investment. Getting a lifespan treadmill is a right move for those who have fitness goals to achieve.

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