Good Workouts For Women


You are a woman, and you want to improve your health by keeping fit? It is important to know that cardio exercises are crucial in ensuring that you remain fit and prevent cardiovascular diseases. We have come up with a workout routine for women that will help you ensure that you do not miss out on any important cardio exercise that will leave you satisfied and in shape. Some of these are cardio workouts at home cutting out the inconvenience of going to the going to the gym.

Cardio Exercises.

Cardio exercises are necessary for ensuring that oxygen is delivered to muscles and that fat is shed to have a slimmer and a toned look. For any cardio, you should make sure that you start at a small pace and progress with increasing speed (this usually works well on a treadmill, but it can apply to any cardio that you choose) until that moment when you attain the desired level of effort. This should act like your warm up.

It is of great essence to note that at the various level of effort you should have attained certain characteristics while doing the exercises. For instance, at a 6/10 effort level, it is crucial that you can breathe without any difficult and also steadily and that you are able to speak a whole sentence without difficulty. At 8/10 level of effort, it is necessary that you are breathing heavily, and that you only can speak some words with some difficulty.

Cool Down.

It is also important that you cool down after these exercises. You cannot leave an exercise and engage in your regular activities. It is necessary that you decrease the speed after every one and a half minutes to the point that you feel that you are completely cooled down. Some of these are cardio workouts at home and are easily manageable. They tend not to require a lot of equipment, and this equipment can be easily obtained and kept at home.

To attain the desired goals, it is necessary that consistency is of utmost importance. This kind of hard work will lead you to the ultimate goal. Therefore, whenever you set out to engage in cardio exercise, you should work to fight laziness and that feeling that always leads you away from the gym.

Your workout routine should ensure that each muscle is engaged in working its function. In this instance, we will put more emphasize on cardio exercises that ensure that each muscle in your body receives sufficient oxygen. It is undoubted that they are one of the most important categories of exercises.

Cardio Machines.

Cardio machines are very important. These machines will help you accomplish a lot in a short period. This kind of exercise will ensure that your morning or lunchtime exercises will be far more efficient. It is important to ensure that you follow each detail of the manual to ensure that you use the machine correctly and safely. This is meant to ensure that the desired results are attained. Some of the best cardio machines can be obtained at Amazon.

The effectiveness of your cardio exercise will greatly depend on the kind of cardio machines that you engage in your exercises. The main purpose for cardio machines is to raise your heart rate. These machines should be able to do this job for you. Its ability to Lifespan TR3000iincrease your cardiovascular strength should be the most crucial factor that you should consider before deciding on what cardio machine that you will employ in your exercises.

Pick Your Cardio Machine Carefully.

It is also important to carefully examine a cardio machine that will suit you. Therefore, the kind of cardio machine that you select should give you maximum results that you desire. This beats the notion that what is best for your friend is also good for you. This is not the idea at this point, careful consideration before choosing a cardio machine should be factored in. You should also ensure that you enjoy the exercise when doing a certain exercise. You should have a cardio machine that you will use not something for decorations. The use of such machine will greatly depend on whether you enjoy having it.

The choice of the cardio machine to use for your cardio as a woman will depend on other factors like the kind of work you do. In case you spend most of your time sitting in your office, then a stationary bike for cardio exercise will not be suitable for you. Similarly, if you have knee problems, the stair master will not do any good for you.

It is also important to ensure that the cardio machine goes hand in hand with your goals. If your most important goal is to get rid of fat and ensure that your cardiovascular fitness is maintained, then most of the cardio machines will be of great help. But in an event that your goals are performance related then you have to select a cardio machine that is closely related to your goal. For instance, if you are a marathon runner, then your cardio machine should help you improve your running. It does not mean that you should not engage your stationary bike, this is necessary for balance as well as variety.

Cardio Workouts for The Home.

We are also in a position to suggest some useful cardio workouts at home. This kind of cardio workout is necessary even in improving your mood and attitude. They can also help in burning off those extra calories. It is, therefore, advisable to try these cardio workouts in the morning to see how productive your day will turn out to be. The workout routine for women is also provided.

This kind of exercises work in such a way that you carry out the four-move warm up and just after you move into the main circuit. Each of these exercises should be done as fast as possible and without resting between the moves you make (it is advisable that you should not strain yourself to a point that it negatively affects your health, you should consider your doctor’s recommendations). You should then do the main circuit again without warm ups. This time, make it 2 times but you can also go up to 3 times if you feel you can. The yoga cool down will be the best to help in cooling down.

Warm Ups.

For warm ups, you should employ the Reverse Lunges. In this case, you should take a step back by using your left foot. Then you should bend both of your knees to lower them into a lunge; your right knee should not be beyond your toes and should be jeune-femme-sportive-joggingabove your ankle. At this instance, you should return to stand by driving off the ball of the right big toe. Repeat the whole process, this time, using your right leg to step back and all this will represent one rep. You should do 10 reps and at all these instances your chest should be up the whole period.

Another important cardio workout at home should engage squats with hands overhead as a warm up. In this case, you should stand with your feet at a hip-width distance apart and your arms should up whereas your palms facing each other. You should have your knees bent, and your hips shifted backwards as if you are sitting. You should do this and each time moving your shoulder blades down and up and your gluteus should be used to return to the standing posture. You should do 10 reps.

Plank with Shoulder touches is another warm up that is important. In this case, you should come into a straight arm plank position and have your hands placed directly below your shoulders and as a result forming a straight line from the feet to the neck. While at this position take your left hand and touch your right shoulder and then take your right hand and touch your left shoulder. You should repeat this 10 times.

Main Exercise Sets.

After the warm-ups comes the main sets. Mountain climbers should then be done as the main set. In this case, align your body as illustrated in the warm up above but in this case your body has to form a straight line from the neck to ankles. You should lift your right foot and then drive your right knee up to the center of your body. Then switch your legs immediately, your hips and your shoulders should be directly above your wrists. You should do this as many times in one minute as you can.

Skier jumps is another important cardio work out at home for you as a female. You should stand tall and your feet, knees, and ankles should be together. Then jump from one side to side at a fast rate and you should make sure you land softly. You should do as many jumps as you can in one minute.

After this kind of main sets, cool down exercises such as downward dog, cat and cow and any other suitable cool down exercise will serve you well. All this will ensure that your cardiovascular strength is enhanced.

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