10 Good Exercises To Lose Weight.


It is undeniable that to lose weight permanently and safely, a healthy diet and regular exercise is required. Exercising helps in burning calories and in building muscles hence increasing the body’s metabolism and eventually decreasing body weight.    

A combination of simple exercises with circuit exercises or aerobics exercises will give you the desired results. Discussed below are a number of exercises that will help you to cut the extra fats.

1.      Kettlebell

Kettlebells are balls that are iron cast and fitted with a single handle. The weight of these balls is not evenly distributed meaning that your body will need to work out such that it stabilizes you as well as counterbalance the ball’s weight. This is a hardcore workout that is capable of burning 400 calories in just twenty minutes. It also helps in strengthening your core, improves posture and balance and majorly targets all the core muscles and the stabilizing muscles too.  This kind of exercise involves the whole body hence it increases your metabolism rate allowing your body to burn the fats faster, it additionally gets you heart pumping faster hence allowing you get an aerobic exercise or workout.

2.      Swimming

Swimming is effective in burning 400-700 calories in an hour. It is an effective exercise for toning as well as weight loss. It is a low impact exercise that tones, strengthens and conditions the entire body.   Swimming involves all major muscle groups; the abdominal and back muscles, legs, arms, glutes and legs muscles.  It can be used in combination with other exercises like walking and running or you can choose to entirely rely on it as your way of keeping fit.8589543238_65ddb38573_b

It is most suitable for people suffering from asthma that is exercise induced as the warmth and moisture in the water helps in keeping the airway clear. It is also ideal for expectant women who are in their first trimester, individuals battling with arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions as well as obesity.

3.      Elliptical Trainer

This is a low impact full body workout. The elliptical trainer is easier on the handles as compared to the treadmill; it has movable handles to assist you to get a better workout on the upper body in addition to working your lower body. The machine allows you to choose the level of intensity and the raising and lowering of the ramp as well as the backward movements allowing targeting of different muscles in both the front and back of your legs.

If you are an average trainer, you are in in a position of burning about 600 calories in every hour.  The elliptical trainer eliminates the impact of running and saves the knees as well as other joints from abrasion. This type if exercise is recommended for people who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis as well as obesity.

4.      Running

Running helps in building strong bones and connective tissues and maintains a healthy heart pump to prevent the risk of heart disease, certain cancers as well as stroke. Additionally, it helps in burning about 600 calories per every workout hour. Interval training can aid in increasing the amount of calories you burn daily.  It involves short spurts of between 30 second to two minutes of top speed running.

5.      Cycling

Cycling is another loleisure-1379445_1280w impact workout with high rewards that helps you in losing weight.  Depending on your speed, body weight and terrain of bicycling, this exercise helps you cut down calories amounting from 372 to 1100 per hour.   It is easy on the joints as compared to running and even a beginner can easily ride for long miles without feeling any impact. Outdoor bicycling is best as the varied terrain allows you to strengthen your lower body and achieving a good cardiovascular workout.  You can also practice a routine of cycling to your work place if you live near your where you work.

6.      High intensity interval training.  (HIIT)

This is one form of exercise that is most effective. To lose maximum weight, you only need to engage in this exercise type three times a week for periods of 20 minutes.  This type of workout can be done with several exercise forms. It mainly consists of short bursts of activities that are intense followed by a period of lower intensity or complete rest. You can incorporate instances of biking, running, swimming, weight lifting and or running at intervals of twenty minutes. This burns more calories as compared to an intense exercise of 20 minutes. This exercise type is not recommended to beginners until they have fully trained.

7.      CrossFit

This type of exercise is only suitable for individuals who have been regularly training as compared to beginners.  It was originally designed to train Special Forces and first responders. It involves endurance exercises, weight lifting, plyometric, speed and strength training, Kettlebell routines among other activities.   CrossFit incorporates a number of exercises and hence you are less likely to get bored while working out.

The advantage with this kind of workout is that it is designed to target all major areas of physical fitness running from cardiorespiratory fitness, speed, flexibility, power and endurance. With CrossFit there is no day exercise that matches the other. Every day is characterized by its own workout plan.

It is worth noting that this kind of exercise is not for those who are not accustomed to regular exercise or the faint hearted. It is a highly effective way of burning calories and extra fats  increasing the body’s metabolism, and improving the physical endurance and stamina.

8.      Skipping Rope

Rope jumping is an easy way of shedding off the extra weight. 10 minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to an eight minute mile of cardio benefits. One hour of jumping rope burns more than 800 calories and it works on the arms, legs, the core and helps in strengthening of the joints and bones.  It is also a good activity to help improve coordination, endurance and agility. However it is a high intensity activity and hence you do not need to complete the full hour of workout so as to achieve the benefits.

9.      Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics is a low impact exercise that has excellent calorie and cardio burning effects.  Engaging in 45 minutes of step aerobics burns about 550 calories with the main target being in the leg muscles, hips and bums as well as the core muscles and improves coordination.

One hour of step aerobics is equivalent to taking a seven mile run in terms of the amount of cardio and fat burning benefits. You can choose to enroll with a gym to for the step classes or better still buy your own machine and conduct the workouts at your home with the help of a DVD.

10.  Treadmill Rounds

The treadmill though it tends to become boring while running or walking on it is one of the best ways of burning the extra calories.  This has led to the need of the treadmill rounds. The rounds use the treadmill to increase the heart rate with subsequent floor exercises that involve much of resistance training for strengthening the muscles and increase metabolism hence making your body be in a position to burn more fats all through the day.`

Treadmill rounds are short and intense allowing you to give your whole body a workout that involves cardio benefits. There are three rounds in total and each is performed thrice in succession before proceeding to the next round.  Before you start the next round, adjust your treadmill to a 10% incline for the period of the workout.

·         Round one

Set the treadmill’s speed to 10.5 miles per hour then run on it for 30 seconds before hopping off to do 10 pushups followed by 10 lunges. You can repeat this another two times.

·         Round two

Increase the treadmill’s speed to 11 miles per hour. Run for thirty seconds then perform 10 curls with weight on each hand and then do 10 crunches. This is repeated another two times.

·         Round three

Set the speed to 11.5 miles/hour then run for 30 seconds, and finally do 10 squats and 10 pushups.

There are always more exercises to lose weight and even just getting up and walking the dog, mowing the lawn, anything to get the heart pumping just that little bit faster will work wonders for your body and spirit.

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