Best Cardio Workouts At home


Best Cardio Workouts at home.

Ever desired to have cardio routines at home in your own relaxed atmosphere? Well, at home cardio exercises are the perfect fit as they ensure you get the same intensity, drive and expected fitness as with the contemporary workouts. Cardio workouts at home are divided into 3 phases where there is a warmup, main set and warm down all of which are important in building up the fitness levels of the body. The warm up phase prepares the body for the intensity of the main set while the warm down relaxes the muscles and tissue fibers.

The warm up

The warm up routines are designed to make the body system have a rapid adoption process for the intensity of the workout. It builds adrenaline and increases the heartbeat for faster circulation of the blood.

1.      March in place

This warm up routine for cardio exercises at home provides a vibrant setting for the muscle tissues. This should be done for 2 minutes after which the body will have developed an increased capacity for blood circulation.exp-push-a-male_vector

2.      Jump Rope

This is the perfect warm up routine that increases the adrenaline in the body. A minute of jumping rope is sure to prepare the body for the main set of the workout at home.

3.      Push ups

20 pushups are a perfect warmup as they raise the heartbeat and ensure the body is able to generate heat power necessary for the workout.

These warmups not only prepare the body but also prepare you psychologically for the workouts.

The Main set

The main set of at home cardio workouts are tuned to work all the muscles of the body and ensure each joint and organ is worked to produce overall fitness. The main set is divided into procedural exercises that are supposed to be repeated depending on the intensity desired and the overall fitness expected after the workouts.

1.      Burpees

This workout routine is the standout of all exercises designed for cardio at home. It works the muscles of the feet, arms and the core all at the same time. Burpees work the whole body and are thus the complete package when it comes to workouts.

To perform burpees, while in the standing position, drop into a squat position with hands touching the ground. The second act is to kick back your feet to achieve a push up position with your arms straight which works the core. This is followed by jumping the feet back into the initial squat position which works the thigh muscles and core. The final act is jumping up with your arms extended over your head. These processes mark one rep which should be repeated 15 to 20 times for a regular at home cardio routine.

2.      Rocket Jumps

This routine exercises the whole body by stretching the muscles and providing a steady and systematic fitness level.

To perform rocket jumps, you should position your feet at hip width and place your hands on your thighs. Push your knees into a bending position but not a squat. From the position, jump the highest you can as you drive your hands above your head while stretching the entire body. This makes one rep after which you should reposition and repeat the process. Between 15 and 20 reps of this routine are enough for a normal cardio at home exercise. For a higher intensity rocket jump exercise, jogging on the spot for 15 seconds in between reps will provide an enhanced challenge.

3.      Squats

Squats provide classic at home cardio exercises since they build the core while ensuring sustained muscle development within a fitness regime. There are variations of squats that you can employ when doing cardio at home.

·         Squat jumps

This is where you push your hips back and position your knees in a bending orientation to lower your body into a squat while preparing to leap. You then explosively leap and jump as high as you can after which you repeat the process.

04022013_womentoons_vector5-b·         Normal squats

With the normal squats, you can stand with your arms stretched out in-front of you which gives extra balance when performing the squats. You then lower your body by bending your knees until you achieve a right angle whereby your thighs are parallel to the floor. Holding this position for two to three seconds will give a more challenging workout.

·         Custom squats

You can perform custom squats by raising your arms over your head with palms facing each other while doing quick-fire squats for between 45 and 60 seconds.

4.      Plank with shoulder touch

This exercise is principle to at home cardio workouts as it works the chest area while ensuring muscles in the arm region are also exercised.

Performing this exercise will require you to descend to a straight arm plank position and without navigating your hip region pick the left arm to touch your right shoulder and vice versa. This tests your strength and the endurance of your muscles.

5.      Tap Backs

Tap backs form part of the full proof cardio exercises at home routines that must be adopted. This exercising routine eases the muscles of the body while ensuring the tissues of the body become liberated and in a flexible capacity for more workout exercises.

To perform a tap back, you first step the left leg back and then swing both of your arms forward. This should be repeated in vice versa with the right leg back and swinging of the arms in a seamless movement to form a rhythm with the interchanging of the feet.

For a more challenging experience, you can switch the feet by jumping which will require concentration and added effort. Performing 15 to 20 tap backs is standard for a regular at home cardio routine.

6.      Star Jumps

This is one of the exercises that define cardio workouts. Star Jumps stretch the body and provide elevated blood circulation for further workout procedures.

Star jumps can be performed by standing tall with your arms at your side and your knees slightly bending. You then jump as high as possible while extending your arms and legs to form a star shape while in the air. You can structure your landing on the ground with your knees together while arms at your side. This exercise works your body and ensures your muscle fibers are stretched out to give the body an enhanced form of fitness.

If you need to challenge your body further with the star jumps, you can opt for keeping your back straight and ensuring your abs remain tight as you perform the exercise which will ensure successful at home cardio workouts.

The Warm Down

Warm down exercises are designed to relieve the cramped muscles and lower the level of adrenaline to give the body a stable state. Warm downs normally include stretching exercises and low intensity lunges which give the body flexibility.

1.      Stretch

Stretching exercises for a warm down should take up to 5 minutes where you can stretch your hamstrings, inner thighs calves and quads. This ensures that no muscle injury is sustained due to the high intensity cardio exercises at home.

2.      Reverse lunges

The reverse lunges aid in breathing systematically and stabilizing the adrenaline in the body.

You can perform reverse lunges by putting your chest up and stepping back with either foot. You then bend both knees into a lunge position and perform rhythmic lunges.

3.      Cat and Cow Rhythmic exercise

This exercise is a perfect warm down procedure which gives the body the ability to recalibrate and achieve a normal state of breathing and energy generation.

Cat and Cow rhythmic exercise is captured by going onto your hands and knees and inhaling deeply to extend your spine which marks the cat rhythmic exercise. You can then follow this up with the cow rhythmic procedure by lifting your chin and hips and letting the stomach sink. These processes relax the muscles and tissues thereby compounding at home cardio exercises that you can take up.

The bottom line

Cardio exercises at home are perfect for you if you desire workouts that you can structure at your own pace and intensity. They not only build your fitness but also ensure you develop a level of fitness that is similar to that of an individual who hits the gym. The main benefit of employing at home cardio workouts is the fact that no investment in machinery and gym equipment is required added to the fact that membership fees at the gym will also be saved.

The main input required with at home cardio exercises is dedication and adherence to the systematic exercises which are tuned to give the body the necessary workout that is sure to improve fitness as well as maintain a healthy tissue orientation. If you are a conservative person who desires to exercise from the comfort of your home with your own pre-determined intensity levels or simply require your own fitness regime that you can govern personally, at home cardio routine exercises are what will aid you have seamless success.


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