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We thought of the name Cardiahh because that is how we feel about cardio. Ahh is the sound we make and how we feel after we have run 5 miles or cycled 20 miles, or completed 30 minutes with our favorite exercise video. We love the feeling it gives us, how it lifts our spirits, burns calories and is making us look great.Love Cardio Exercise

For many people it is not possible to get out for that run or on their bike due to the weather or working hours. Maybe parents of young children who can’t leave the house but need to keep up their exercise regime.

For this reason we decided to search out the best cardio exercise equipment for use at home. These include treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines.

We also realised that it isn’t easy to just go out and buy a treadmill or other large piece of exercise equipment from your local store, especially if, as many people do, they live many miles away from a large fitness equipment store. This why we decided to source these products online.

cardio exercise on the beach

Who is the biggest and best online store? In our opinion it has to be Amazon prides itself on great customer service and value for money. In many instances they offer free or very reasonable shipping rates and great back up if you have any issues with your purchases.

So we decided to set this site up to review home fitness equipment that can be bought online from a reputable source that will give the peace of mind that online customers need before they purchase.

There are many different manufacturers of these types of fitness equipment, some cheaper than others, some that specialise in bigger machines and some that cater for the larger or smaller home, depending on your needs.

And more to come….

We have strived to give an all-round review of the best machines for the different price ranges you may have and whether these exercise machines are better for the smaller or larger house or apartment.

We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any questions, suggestions or if you’d like to contribute you can easily contact us through our contact page.

Just a little of what can be done at home on your home exercise machine.  Wow, who knew you could do that?